Child Welfare. Animal Welfare. Mediation.

Gabriela Sandoval, Esq., CFI, PC/DM, CWLS, offers a variety of  legal and related services including: Mediation, Child & Family Investigation, Parenting Coordination/Decision-Making, and legal representation.  She is listed on the mandatory Child & Family Investigator (CFI) Eligibility Roster and accepts both private and state-pay cases.  To learn more about Gabriela’s work as a CFI or mediator, visit her Blog by clicking on the blue Blog button above.

Gabriela is a board certified Child Welfare Law Specialist (CWLS) and served as a Guardian ad Litem from 2007 to 2012 in the Denver Juvenile Court, representing the best interests of children.  She has performed countless independent investigations and made as many recommendations to the court and parties.  Gabriela’s experience and concentration in this area has resulted in her ability to work effectively with high conflict families.  Her recommendations are thoughtful, creative and practical.  Her recommendations have covered a wide range of ages -  children as young as newborn and youth as old as 21 years.

Picture 002 - Copy In addition to providing recommendations for families engaged in high-conflict relationships and litigation, Gabriela also has experience crafting recommendations for families struggling with the following issues: domestic violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, substance abuse, cognitive and developmental delays, dual-diagnosis, and sex abuse allegations.  As a CFI, Gabriela will work to create the best recommendation for your family that will serve in the children’s best interest.

Gabriela has a passion for helping children and families in conflict.  She will diligently work to learn about your family and your children’s individual needs in an effort to ensure her recommendation to the court makes the most sense for your family.

Gabriela was recognized for her work on behalf of children and animals: Read it now. Check out some of Gabriela’s legal and other publications related to Animal Law, Breed bans, pets and domestic violence and child-friendly courtrooms and court facility dogs.

Specific areas of practice include, but are not limited to:


  • Family Law (Parenting Time/Decision-Making)
  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional Claims
  • Environmental Law
  • Employment/Labor
  • Government as a party
  • Federal Tort Claims Act
  • Prisoner Cases
  • Product Liability
  • Animal related disputes (state, federal, government as party)

Child Welfare

  • Mediator/Arbitrator
  • Child and Family Investigator (CFI)
  • Parenting Coordinator (PC)/Decision-Maker (DM)
  • Child Legal Representative (CLR)
  • Experienced Guardian ad Litem in D&N and JD cases

Animal Welfare

  • Mediator / Arbitrator
  • Dangerous Dog allegations
  • Death or Injury to companion animal
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Custody issues
  • Pets & Housing Issues including ADA issues

I will actively listen to your unique situation, discuss litigation and alternatives and provide responsive, professional legal services at a reasonable price.

Legal Consultation

If you are involved in a domestic dispute and allocation of parental responsibilities is at issue, I can speak with your attorney about serving as your mediator, court appointed CFI, CLR, or PC/DM.

Whatever your issues or concerns may be regarding Animal Welfare, you are entitled to a discounted consultation with Gabriela Sandoval. During the initial consultation Gabriela will explain your rights and options so that you have the ability to make informed decisions.  Parties seeking a Colorado pet animal mediator will find that pet animal mediation is a quick and cost-effective method to resolve your dispute.

To schedule your confidential legal consultation or state or federal case mediation, call our office at 303.954.4580 or send your request via e-mail.

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